S.N.D Engineering Co., Ltd.

Providing design and installation services for electrical power systems – electrical control systems (Electrical Power Systems), electrical piping systems (Piping System), air conditioning and ventilation systems (Air Conditioning) for more than 23 years since the company was founded. The company was founded in 2000 to improve and develop services. To create satisfaction for customers The team always emphasizes that Must read for convenience to customers with speed Accurate and punctuality Work in detail, with skill, and with standards to create satisfaction. and impress every customer.

  • Increase distribution channels and sales, reaching customers directly
  • Able to create online marketing materials
  • Can view sales history
  • Receive news regularly
  • Direct sales promotions
  • Makes choosing a technician easy with information on the technician’s work and the quality of work from other users’ opinions.
  • You can choose your own technician.
  • There is a system to clearly separate services according to the type of work. so that the user service is provided by technicians with specific expertise.
  • There are channels to call for service in times of emergency.
  • Materials can be procured from the in-app store with delivery available.
  • There is a support system ready to give advice or estimate costs.
  • Appointment dates for ongoing work can be set immediately.
  • receive news and knowledge in the matter of constant electricity.
  • There is a subscription service for 24-hour electrical care.
  • There are marketing communication tools. Increase channels for finding customers.
  • Allowing customers to see the work clearly and get more targeted customers.
  • There are services for advertising media or promotions. to increase sales
  • Help with time allocation.
  • There are people who maintain the online system as a channel for communicating with customers.
  • There is a process for building trustworthiness by giving ratings from customers who receive services. Create confidence for customers.
  • Technical knowledge is provided regularly.
  • You can choose to find equipment without having to travel to find it. Ready for delivery service to your location.
  • There is a customer care and selection service.
  • There are accounting and document services.
  • There is a system for ranking service quality. to raise the price
  • History is kept for reference.
  • There is a system for screening target customers.
  • Can connect to your own social media.
  • There is a promotional system that can be used.